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Many families are reluctant to send their children back to school and are instead choosing to homeschool their children. As a teacher (and a parent who has also homeschooled his own children) I know the struggles that surface while homeschooling. Whether your child needs social interactions, exercise, or creative and specialized help with school work, I can provide all of the above. I pride myself on getting to know each child individually so I can provide the most efficient learning environment for each individual. This is one of the reasons the group size is so small (8-10 max) Under most circumstances, we can complete daily school work/learning projects within the time provided.

We will focus on creating an environment that fosters independence, respect, accountability, self-worth, and gratitude. We will provide activities that excite both sides of our student’s brains – both indoor and outdoor activities to facilitate critical thinking, which is essential in our constantly changing world. I like to focus on science because there are new discoveries made every day that directly impact us. Science taught in the classroom can literally be 20 years behind. I know this because when I taught in the classroom I was forced to teach outdated science for the purpose of standardized testing. I was doing my students a disservice! No longer!

We try to spend as much time outside as possible, and once a month on a weekend we are lucky enough to be able to have family/community gatherings at a farm on the south side of town. We spend time with the horses and usually work together on an art project and share stories on how nature has positively affected us as human beings. A huge thank you to Jennie for allowing us access to this beautiful property!

If this sounds like an option you might be interested in, please reach out!

Tuition details HERE:

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or (541) 625-9553