Ashland Private Event Venue

Do you need a space for a movie night, birthday party, or gathering for friends and family? Don’t feel like messing up your own house? Now you can rent out Rogue Valley Educational Services in downtown Ashland! We have arts and crafts, a projector and screen for movies/video games, a large refrigerator and freezer, two large tables, and 3 different rooms you can set up in! Plenty of space for gathering up to 20 people, whether adults, children, or both!

Call 541-708-6961 or email Eric@RogueValleyEducationalServices for more information!

RVES becomes SERV
Book club? Or just a great place to get together with friends!
The fridge is stocked!
Lots of movie snacks available for movie night!
Party time!
Quiet corner for a glass of wine
Someone get the napkins
Enjoying some video games on the big screen!
Projector and big screen for Spellbreak!

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