Curriculum Options

There are several online curriculums available that meet Oregon standards if you are thinking about pulling your child out of your district or are looking for something a little more flexible. Here are some of the options:


K12(click here), which I have personally used with my oldest daughter, also provides a free computer (that will be returned when finished with the curriculum). It gives students access to a licensed teacher and allows some flexibility when it comes to personalized learning.

Metro East Web Academy

Metro East Web Academy is an online public charter school approved by the Oregon Department of Education. The school’s web-based curriculum meets Oregon state standards and Highly Qualified teachers provide the instruction. Each academy student receives a personalized education program designed to meet their unique needs. We allow students to login anytime, anywhere. The online learning is supported through daily e-mail communication with teachers, face-to-face check-in sessions with instructors, and field trips and community service projects with other academy students. MEWA offers programs for elementary, middle, and high school, as well as a GED program and an Early College program. There is also an Advantage Program to give students who are behind in credits the opportunity to earn all the credits they need for graduation at an accelerated pace.

Oregon Connections Academy (ORCA)

A tuition-free public virtual school chartered by the Santiam Canyon School District that serves students in grades K-12 throughout Oregon.We share a common goal with parents: to ensure that students become productive, successful, and confident adults. Oregon Connections Academy’s full-time online school program helps students build on their individual strengths and interests with support from highly-qualified teachers and an award winning curriculum. Oregon homeschoolers pay no tuition but are required to take all state-mandated, standardized tests in person at locations designated by the school. For more information, call 888-410-6502.

Oregon Virtual Education (ORVED)
Oregon Virtual Education is a publicly-funded virtual charter school in Oregon that offers online classes to students in grades 6-12. Students can take one class or take classes full time while being at home. We offer a wide variety of courses including AP courses in every subject and a number of foreign language classes including Chinese.


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