What we do at RVES

RVES is a learning center. A place for students to come during the school year when they can’t be in their normal classrooms. We will provide a licensed teacher to help guide students through their current curriculum and will encourage curiosity, independence, and responsibility.

  1. We help students get through whatever curriculum they are currently working on, whether it’s homeschooling or district curriculum
  2. We provide a safe, fun, comfortable atmosphere with a licensed teacher for students
  3. We provide outdoor adventures as often as possible, as well as interesting “bonus” lessons
  4. We give parents peace of mind, knowing that their children will have a place to be as well as a guide to help them complete their schoolwork.
  5. We provide a place for students to interact with their teachers (over zoom, teams. etc)
  6. We provide services for grades 3-8

What we don’t do at RVES

  1. We do not provide a curriculum for your student
  2. We do not provide private one-on-one tutoring
  3. We do not provide day-care
  4. Unfortunately we are not able to accomodate K-2 at this time

Students will succeed at RVES if they are motivated, independent learners who may need occasional support.

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