Starting in June RVES will be providing small group Summer Camp experiences for students in grades 3-8 throughout the summer. Each week will focus on a topic/theme ranging from outdoor experiences to art. Each week will be capped at 15 students. If you are interested and would like to secure a spot, click on the “Application/Registration” tab or email me at Eric@RogueValleyEducationalServices.com. Click HERE or on the Summer Camp tab above for more information

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A Creative Solution For Uncommon Times

At R.V.E.S. we believe education is at a crossroads, and it is our job to bring creativity, personal responsibility, and a love of learning back into education. We have created a “Micro-school” atmosphere for grades 3-8 in Southern Oregon that limits the number of students. We provide a space not used by hundreds or thousands of others and therefore provide a safe learning environment for students to complete their studies and explore their own creativity and learning styles. Eric@RogueValleyEducationalServices.com

What do you do at R.V.E.S.?

OUR GOALS AT R.V.E.S. are to make sure that we facilitate independent learning, to keep students on-track with the educational standards provided by their parents, schools, school district, state, and/or federal government, to foster positive and respectful relationships, to nurture a love of learning in all students of all grade levels, and to inspire a love for the outdoors through exploration and volunteerism. Each space will be available 5 days a week from 8:00-3:00. If your student plans on going to his/her assigned school 2 or more days a week, that space is not filled by another student. This way we can keep the cohort small to reduce the risk of infection. Any extra time will be spent exploring student-led interests in fun and innovative ways!

Who would be tutoring my child?

WHO IS THIS ERIC GUY? Eric Peterson (fondly known as Mr. P. to his students) is the founder and facilitator of R.V.E.S. and a licensed teacher in Oregon as well as California. He has a Master’s degree in Elementary Education and has experience teaching and tutoring from pre-k to high school. Mr. P. has tutored and taught all around the world (he spent 4 years living and teaching in the Middle East) and has had a variety of experience teaching multiple age groups.

Seraphina Pinsky

Seraphina is A TESOL-certified teacher with a bachelor’s degree and 3+ years of experience educating students in public and private schools as well as language training centers. Seraphina is well-loved by our RVES students and is a passionate and dynamic ESL teacher who brings a variety of cultural experiences to the classroom.

Where are you located in Oregon?

Rogue Valley Educational Services is based in beautiful Ashland, OR. Our home base is at 295 East Main St. in downtown Ashland, a few minutes off of I-5. We plan on doing a lot of exploring in the area on local trails and in parks which are located a short walk from our learning space.


Eric Peterson is a teacher and a believer that the education system is/will be changing dramatically. It’s time to take the bull by the horns and make something new!

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