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Rogue Valley Educational Services

Nature Kids Academy

We are an outdoor centered preschool serving the Ashland, OR community. 8:30 AM-12:30 PM

Ashland Aeronauts

A learning center for elementary aged students in Ashland, OR. 1:30 PM-5:00 PM

Contact Us 541.625.9553

photo of children playing with dry leaves
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Learning through play

Our youngest learners are social creatures. The world today is much more difficult to navigate socially for our children. At Nature Kids Academy we strive to teach our students the social skills they will need to succeed. This is one of the many benefits of learning through play.

Learning through art

Children are natural artists, and at Nature Kids Academy and Ashland Aeronauts we make sure your learner has time to create and grow as an artist!

a kid with multicolored hand paint
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two children under giant sequoia trees in the woods
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Learning by interacting with nature

Children are naturally curious and soak up knowledge, especially when they are in the right environment. We believe in the incredible healing ability that nature has. Being outside to learn and play is where we are all supposed to be. At Rogue Valley Educational Services our students will experience their natural habitat on a daily basis!

About Eric Peterson

“Teacher Eric” has almost 30 years of experience teaching all different ages and is a licensed teacher in Oregon. He is a father of three (each born on a different continent) and loves to travel and spend time in the outdoors. It is his firm belief that it is essential for each student to be heard and understood in order for meaningful learning to take place.