“All children seem to sense his special gifts…and are instinctively and immediately drawn to dance around him like a Maypole”

Annie Potts, Actor

“There is a class out there just waiting for this man to inspire, educate, motivate and change their lives!”

Bonnie Al-Rafai, Teacher

“I often headed straight to his classroom when I was feeling stressed myself because I knew I would find a centered, inspiring, loving environment”

Marysue Lindsay, Principal

“Eric and I team taught two 6th grade classes. The kids love him! I am impressed at how quickly he connected with our students. I appreciate Eric’s willingness to be a team player. I highly recommend Eric for helping students and families meet their academic needs.

Sheila Wikoff, Teacher

“Yeah, he’s ok, but he doesn’t let us have ice cream after lunch.”

Sofia Peterson McCracken, Daughter

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