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Ashland, OR

Ashland Preschool


At Nature Kids Academy we believe preschoolers learn through play and daily outdoor experience.

Our children are precious, and in a world continuing to go down a path of learning with 2D screens, we believe we need to reverse that trend. Studies have shown the benefit of nature in our lives. Our preschool age children need to be at peace with themselves and the world around them so they can be ready for the challenges they will face as adults. At Nature Kids Academy in Ashland we put that into practice with our youngest learners, building a foundation that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Ashland Preschool
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Learning Through Play

Our youngest learners are social creatures. The world today is much more difficult to navigate socially for our children. At Nature Kids Academy we strive to teach our students the social skills they will need to succeed. This is one of the many benefits of learning through play.

Our Sister School

Little Friends Preschool – the premier preschool in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle.  Our schools will be planning curriculum together and share a similar philosophy of learning through play.

Eric Peterson

Owner/Director – Eric has over 30 years of teaching experience. He started teaching at Little Friends Preschool when he was 17 years old and continued through graduate school where he received his Master’s degree specializing in kindergarten readiness in preschool-age children. He has 3 children of his own ranging from 10-22.



Ashland Preschool
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Learning Through Art

Children are natural artists, and at Nature Kids Academy we make sure your little learner has time to create and grow as an artist! A local artist has committed to helping our students explore their artistic side once a week!

We Believe

That play is the work of the young child

In providing a fun, safe, and exciting environment

In creating a developmentally appropriate curriculum

In children developing at their own pace

In mutual respect and fostering healthy relationships between teachers, children, and parents



Ashland Preschool
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Learning By Interacting With Nature

Children are naturally curious and soak up knowledge, especially when they are in the right environment. We believe in the incredible healing ability that nature has. Being outside to learn and play is where we are all supposed to be. At Nature Kids Academy our students will experience their natural habitat on a daily basis!

“I often headed straight to Eric’s classroom when I was feeling stressed myself because I knew I would find a centered, inspiring, loving environment”

Marysue Lindsay, Principal

Ashland Preschool

Let’s learn together.